Men's boot fashion has come a long way since the days of strictly functional footwear. Today, men's boots are not only practical but also stylish and versatile, making them a key element in every fashionable wardrobe.

From classic work boots to sleek Chelsea boots, there is a boot style for every occasion and personal preference. But the boots I am about to tell you about are not your normal boots. Part dress, part Chukka, part cowboy and feels like you are walking on air. That is what is currently being produced and sold by Savas Atelier right here in south Nashville.

This is not the first time you have heard about this leather making jewel! Savannah Yarborough, the owner and the brainchild of the business has been making bespoke leather jackets, pants and shirts for both men and women for years. And now, to the delight of everyone who wants to look good and feel good she has thrown her hat into the boot making ring.

According to Yarborough her boots have exposed her business to a different set of customers because her clothing is expensive and not everyone cannot commit to that, but the boots are something that can be worn every day. The Legend boots, as they are called, are part country and part rock ‘n roll in both look and feel. It features a stacked leather heel and made literally in almost every color in the rainbow. Sure, there is black, brown and tan, but there’s also red, saffron, blue-gray and green too. If you really want to try something special, I would suggest the Cheetah! It’s amazing. But the one thing the Legend boot has in common other than their good looks is the way they fit your feet.

Yarborough says unlike most other boots. Her boots don’t have to be broken in. She says when the boots are being made the sole is put through a machine that softens it, making it more comfortable which means you only have to wear them one time before they mold to your foot.

She says so many different people are buying her boot that there is no way to really explain who is her customer. From rock stars to real estate developers and artists, she says it’s “kinda crazy!” And ladies, listen up. These boots are available for you, too!

While people all over Middle Tennessee, and especially Franklin are snapping up her boots like there is no tomorrow, Yarborough says she had a first recently while she was in Los Angeles . She was turning into her hotel, the Sunset Tower, and she saw a woman she did not know wearing her boots. She rolled down her window and said, “Hey, nice boots!” Yarborugh says after talking to the customer awhile, the customer told her that she was on the way to a meeting with Steven Speilberg and wanted to wear something that made her feel bad ass and confident.” What we wear is such a reflection of our identity.

Look for some new, exciting boot colors being released soon. There’s a classic tie boot in the works, plus Savas is currently producing extraordinary slippers and belts, too. My best advice is to stop by Savannah’s store conveniently located at 525 Merritt Avenue in Nashville. You will be both amazed and glad to did.

Be safe, be kind and until next time, if you can’t be brilliant, remember you can always be bright! I look forward to hearing your comments and questions. Email me at

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