Brandy Blanton and Charles Sargent

Nancy and Rep. Charles Sargent and Brandy Blanton

It’s very obvious we are in the midst of an election season with all the yard signs displayed throughout the county. I’ve heard a few folks complain, wondering when the election would be over and the signs come down, but (to me) that translates into them not being engaged in the process. 

I know we live in a time where information is obtained through computer screens and smart phones, but I find comfort in the idea of keeping the tradition of putting stakes in the ground to support a candidate. It shows they have taken the time to talk to that particular homeowner, ask for their support and permission to put that sign in their yard … and ask for their vote. Much like the faith that is shown by putting a sign in your yard with a particular realtor’s name on it. You wouldn’t think of hiring a realtor you didn’t believe in – would you? 

I fervently believe it’s our local officials who have the most influence in our daily lives. They are the ones who manage our schools, public safety, roads, water and sewer, etc. They are also the ones who we can have real relationships with and share our insights and concerns with about our community. 

One great example of that is a friendship I made more than 17 years ago with a man named Charles Sargent who has served as a State Representative for the last 22 years. He is a humble leader who’s always focused on making sure that Williamson County has a voice in the decisions that affect us and fights for our needs on the state level.  

During my tenure as an alderman he has mentored me on what it means to be an elected official and shown me (by example) how to effectively help the people we serve. He has become a part of my extended family and has shown me that politicians are people too. I will miss his leadership as he retires this month from “the hill” but thankful he will always be my friend.   

Another sign that has become a part of the scenery over the last decade is the Sizzle Award – whether in trophy or framed paper form – presented by Southern Exposure, Williamson Herald and FranklinIs. We are in the midst of the 11th annual campaign where you are able to have your voice heard on who you think is the best-of-the-best in Williamson County businesses. The poll will close on April 17, so make sure to take the time and influence who garners those “signs” this year! 

And regardless of your position on yard art, please just make sure to vote and be a part of the process in supporting our community and those who have been called to serve in leadership. 



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