Shorts, t-shirts and sneakers. Dare we say tennis shoes? Sure, why not? According to the experts there are some real surprises this summer when it comes to men’s fashion. At least they surprise me.

According to the folks at GQ, this summer it’s cool, no pun intended, to wear socks with sandals. Really? Are you kidding me? In my book it’s one of the goofiest looking and unattractive things any man can do. But hey, if you feel like it, go for it. I’m laughing out loud right now, just saying!

While we are on the topic of summertime footwear, let’s talk about boat shoes.  Better known to many as “docksiders”. You know exactly the footwear I’m talking about, don’t you? We’ve all heard of dad jeans. Boat shoes are the classic example of dad shoes. Now this summer- they are back and hotter than ever. In fact, several high designers have their models wearing them on the runaways of London and Paris fashion shows. Heads up, if you’re gonna wear them, do so without socks or invest in no-show socks, and please make sure you take care of them. That’s right. Polish them.

Next surprise: the Bum Bag is back? WHAT? You mean that little bag you wear around your waist that you put your wallet and keys in? That’s the one. OH MY! Designers are calling them a Crossbody bag this summer, and they are selling the idea by saying the whole purse of the Crossbody bag is so that you don’t weigh down your pockets. All righty then.

And one more surprise when it comes to the experts this summer: lose, not loosen, but lose the belt. Make sure your pants are well tailored to fit your waistline.

Things that don’t surprise: untucked shirt at both formal and informal occasions is ok. 

Yes, men may wear pastel colors in every shade, and if you can pull off an all-white look from head to toe - do so. When it comes to the color for summer 2019, think aqua.  Nice and cool isn’t it?

Finally, one thing that almost everyone agrees with: jorts are out! So, what are jorts, really?  Seriously? Believe it or not, some folks continue to make jean shorts, thus the term jorts. Half jeans, half shorts. Do yourself and everyone else a favor, please keep your jorts to yourself!

Thanks for reading and thanks to my good friends at Southern Exposure for allowing me to keep writing these articles.

As always, I love to hear from all my readers.  If you have questions, feel free to email me at, and until next time, if you can’t be brilliant you can always be bright!

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