Its Arranged will officially launch on June 1st offering clients organizational services that includes home and office organizing, moving management and life management. 

Female entrepreneurs Cynthia Lindsey and Amy Delaplain are excited about the merger of their two independent businesses.  The partnership allows the women to help clients create a new life and home organizing model that focuses on helping clients find a sense of clarity, balance and control in their lives and homes.

Lindsey who owned Organizing Ease for 14 years, is a veteran in the industry. Her background in sales development is one of the strengths that made her solo business a success.

Delaplain who started her business in 2017 opening Project Organize 615, quickly expanded into the Middle Tennessee home organizing market. 

While both successful on their own, Lindsey who met Delaplain at a National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) meeting was impressed with the strengths the PO615 owner brought to the table. These skills complemented Lindsey’s and after running a solo venture for over a decade, the idea of forming a partnership appealed to her. 

“I was soul searching on how I wanted my business to look, and although not ready to retire was looking for a change. When the partnership presented itself, I never thought it was something I would do. Dividing up the responsibility relying on our strengths was great but, it did mean giving up some of the control,” explains Lindsey. 

“Serving those who need our assistance and fulfilling that need, it is a joy helping others,” is what Lindsey loves best about the industry.

For Delaplain the chance to have a partner on her side to collaborate with, challenge her experience and build on her strengths was a great opportunity.

“Cynthia has done a lot of self-reflection and studying of her strengths, which appealed to me,” Delaplain said. “I was ready to take my business to the next level and this partnership allows me to do that. While I continue to use my strengths in areas of marketing, finance and operations, I will have Cynthia to handle the business development, HG and legal aspects of running a business.” 

“It was pretty easy to delegate and was a big sigh of relief as a business owner who gets to enjoy life. End goal is balance of work and life,” Lindsey shares.

Enter COVID-19

Its Arranged came about through months of planning and developing an ethos around the mission and vision for the business. The life and home organization concept comes out of their desire to help individuals and families find calm tranquility in their living space and a fresh start. It mimics what the two women are doing with their new partnership. 

How to merge a new company during a pandemic became an interesting twist into the business model. Moves are an essential part of business however, the organizing side for each of the independent businesses slowed down.

“We took all the necessary precautions for our employees health and safety. We will wear masks and gloves to stay safe. Each situation however is a little different as sometimes there is no one in the home while we are working,” says Delaplain.

What has happened during the past few months is people are working and educating at home. That means they are seeing the projects around the house that need organized. A real opportunity the two ladies are ready to capitalize on. 

“If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me, ‘I’m overwhelmed and I don’t know where to start,” Delaplain laughingly shares. 

While some people are natural at organizing, sometimes life gets in the way. People do not know how much stuff they have accumulated.

“A lot of opportunity in what we do is now helping people get to those much-needed projects because people are spending time in the home and they are being forced to see how they had been living with lust, accumulating too much stuff,” Delaplain explains. 

The two women are ready to help clients with their projects. With many people working from home, one need that has risen is for a productive workspace. And, with children being schooled at home, finding a place where children can attend to their schoolwork in the family home. 

“We want to help bring people back to the basics. Which is simplifying your life, finding calm in your surroundings and eliminating things and thoughts that are scattered and manic,” Lindsey said. “We work with people to organize their homes and their lives. During times like a move when things can really become chaotic, we can organize the process.”

“We believe in living life to the fullest and inspiring others to do the same,” the two spelled out in their business mission statement. “Our clients are our focus and improving the quality of their lives is our mission. In the office or in the home, our commitment is to create spaces where our clients can thrive, and to manage move transitions and remodel projects with ease. 

To learn more about Its Arranged, visit, call 615-994-1771 or email

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