Veteran Realtor Jennifer Bickerstaff says as unlikely as it seems, she found a silver lining to the black clouds and sky of Covid-19.

“My real estate business, as were all professions, slowed with lockdown for Covid-19. Suddenly I had less work and plenty of free time on my hands. The latter is a luxury in my business,” she said.

She took a long look at her life and career.

The 24/7 nature of being a Realtor is mind bending work, work, work. Even weekends are far from sacred. They’re often among the busiest days with clients.

“I have always been a top producer in my 23 years in the business,” said the effervescent Realtor. “But I had become staid, I decided. My business was good, but I realized that for the last five years, it was about the same sales annually. I wanted to think outside the box, to find a plan to step up to the next level, to grow my business, but in a very smart, professional way.”

She picked up the phone on a Saturday morning and called a Nashville Realtor friend who is now affiliated with a national brokerage, Compass. She wanted to investigate this technology-based firm as a possibility for herself to achieve her growth goals.

“I was blown away by our conversation, and all I learned. Just in a phone chat. I recognized immediately my path forward: Compass,” she said.

The largest independent brokerage in the U.S., Compass has 18,000 Realtors in cities across the country from Washington State to Washington D.C. It established offices in the Greater Nashville area in 2018.

Compass has recently expanded its presence in the heart of Downtown Franklin with The Bickerstaff Group joining in June 2020.

Founded in 2012, Compass touts its combination of the cutting edge technology and personalized service to power real estate sales in over 100 cities. The Compass platform offers agents a suite of software tools that act as an operating system, making agents more efficient by optimizing their workday, pricing listings more accurately and determining the best time to list properties. The platform also integrates listings, transaction and individual client data, giving personalized recommendations and insight. All this, says Bickerstaff, enables agents to tailor their service to the specific needs of each client.

In short, it would seem Compass has built quite a platform of resources for the agent.

“I just can’t tell you the difference in doing business this way versus the way I operated before,” said the enthusiastic Realtor. “It’s night and day. The technology is incredible, easy to access and use. I am so much more productive, as is my partner, Cliff O’Sullivan. We are thrilled with the platform’s ability to do what we need done in minutes, not days.”

The Compass CRM customer relationship management platform empowers its agents to nurture relationships, close more sales and stay one step ahead with insights powered by artificial intelligence.

“When you look at the people who created this technology, you see names like Google, Facebook and Amazon. It’s impressive, to say the least, “Bickerstaff says with awe palpable in her voice.

“The Compass CRM did for me in no time what I could never have done on my own: created a mass list of contacts, not just clients, but placed friends in different spheres from banking to baking. It would have been an overwhelming task for me before, and it’s an absolute goldmine for me. I can pull contacts from across the country in mere minutes,” she said.

She and O’Sullivan have earned new listings, just from emails they have sent out via their CRM. She says it is an amazing tool.

“What used to take a week to get a listing ready for the market with materials, virtual tours, photos, I can do literally in minutes with Compass tools,” she said.

She excitedly shares details about the Compass Concierge program.

“Compass can step in to help a seller whose home may need updating, a new kitchen, renovations, or some restoration with a temporary interest free loan. The home will likely sell for a lot more than it would as is and the seller just pays back the loan with proceeds from the sale. It’s a win win for agents and clients alike,” she said.

While Compass technology and engineering is created to make Realtors’ work easier, more productive, less time consuming and more successful, it’s also a great gift to clients, according to Bickerstaff.

“Because we are more productive on a greatly reduced timeline, buyers and sellers benefit from reduced time and stress that make the whole process of buying or selling a pleasure, not a dreaded task,” she said.

Compass is built on the tenant of collaboration. Teams confer within themselves and with other teams. Ideas are shared, not kept as individual methodologies.

“When meeting with other agent teams, egos are set aside. It’s not a who is the best, it’s how we all can be the best. We’re not out here on our own, which we are accustomed to, we’re sharing and learning from other veteran Realtors,” she said.

Bickerstaff and O’Sullivan have added their first new team member, veteran agent Scott Hudson. Bickerstaff envisions adding a couple more team members in the future.

Compass seems to offer a new direction. A straight shot to Realtors’ goals.

COMPASS RE - Lic # 264870

The Bickerstaff Group

Jennifer Bickerstaff, Broker: 615-504-2118

Cliff O’Sullivan, Affiliate Broker: 615-498-4871

Scott Hudson, Affiliate Broker: 615-403-1055

238 Public Square #200

Franklin, TN 37064

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