J.T. Thompson

J.T. Thompson

Merry Christmas and happy New Year! I love to say that and love to write this article each year, as I get to answer questions from our readers. Let’s get this party started.

Frank M. from Franklin writes: “JT, last year I did not attend a single holiday party, but this year I plan on going to a lot of them and want to look good and be comfortable. What do you suggest?”

Frank, what a difference a year makes! When it comes to people partying, it’s going to be an epic year. I totally understand the desire to look your best while being comfortable. Obviously, there are all types of festive get-togethers, from the must-attend office holiday party, to the come-and-go open houses to more formal sit-down dinners. Let me make it easy for you. Invest in an overcoat, learn to layer cotton and cashmere or wool correctly, stay away from seasonal socks and ties unless it’s an ugly sweater party and always go with darker trousers or jeans. One more suggestion, Frank. Carry a handkerchief!

Ann T. from Spring Hill wrote that she loves men who dress well, and she is crazy about the man she’s dating, but would like to help him with his style. She wants to know the best way to get her boyfriend to pay more attention to what clothes he wears.

Ann, the first thing I would recommend is to sit down with your gentleman, look him in the eye and say sweetly, “let’s go shopping!” I know that is a death sentence for lots of fellas, but if you can get him to go, it’s a great, nice and considerate way to get a good understanding of what he thinks about style. If he holds up a shirt and says, “this is awesome,” and you think it’s horrific, you can show him what you deem more appropriate. Ann, one more thing. On your first shopping expedition, as opposed to online shopping, take him to a brick-and-mortar store. That way both of you can touch and feel various fabrics and see their true colors. Plus, a good fit is important.

Chris M. from Franklin says he has just been promoted, and this Christmas he wants to invest in a gift for himself. He says it’s a reward for a job well done, and he wants to know what I suggest. Chris says he has a limited budget but is looking for what would deliver the biggest bang for his buck.

First, congratulations on the promotion! Hard work always pays off! I don’t know you, but I am proud of you. Second, choose something that YOU really like. Don’t break the bank on something because of a brand name. Choose something that makes you smile and feel good every time you wear it. It could be as simple as a bespoke pair of sunglasses that you enjoy most days as a reminder of your success.

I’m out of space and haven’t answered all your questions, but I will personally email everyone back! A huge thank you to Derby and Cassie Jones who are awesome for letting me write about something that I truly love. As you shop during the holidays and any time of year, please shop local here in Franklin and Williamson County. We have amazing options and local business owners who need your support.

Merry Christmas, happy New Year! Be safe, be kind and until next time, if you can’t be brilliant, remember you can always be bright!

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