Laura Murphy Greene of Laura Greene Interiors has a story. Her story is one of deep Irish Catholic roots taking seed in a small town in Upstate, NY. Greene moved around as a child even living in Toronto, Canada for several years in her teens. She ended up back in Upstate New York where she attended college at SUNY Postdam and met her husband of 21 years, Dan Greene. They have five beautiful children: Morgan, Avery, Carter, Maggie and Charlie.

Like many upcoming designers today, Greene did not get her degree in design. Instead, she was a business major and collegiate athlete.

When asked what led her to a career in interior design, Greene pointed to her Mother and Grandmother as her inspiration.

“I am humbled by the support of the people in my life and the places I have had the privilege of exploring. My life experiences have allowed me to grow and have given me the confidence to try new things. My mother’s love of art and my grandmothers daring contemporary style opened my eyes to the world of design at a young age. They instilled a love and appreciation for unique and beautiful things.”

Greene knew once her youngest child went to school she wanted to start her own business. Like millions of other women the thought of reentering the workforce after 15 years was intimidating.

“I certainly could not have done any of this without the support of my best friend and husband, Dan. My husband encouraged me to think about what my natural talents were. The obvious choice for me was organization. The obvious choice for me according to our friends and family –was design.”

Through the encouragement of one of her family friends, Amy and Dustin Greene, (no relation) Greene began Laura Greene Interiors in April of 2016. It was a wonderful experience and one filled with lots of emotion.

“They hired me to turn Amy’s childhood home (that they now owned) into something that represented who they were as a family. I will never forget Dustin’s words to me the first time he saw the transformation. He said, Laura, this is the first time this house has felt like us. It feels like our home now.”

This was a defining moment for Laura. “Dustin and Amy may have thought they had been given a gift, but the reality is they gave me one of the greatest gifts anyone has ever given me. I wake up every day grateful for the opportunity to make people feel proud of their homes. Creating spaces that are unique to each of my clients’ specific needs and wants is exceptionally rewarding and something I take great pride in.”

Being a full time working mom with five kids is no joke. It takes a lot of organization, patience and collaboration.

“I would be lying if I said it was easy juggling 5 kids and running my own business, but I would not trade it for the world. I learned at a young age that in order to grow as a person you must experience failure. I have failed more times than I would like to admit. Being able to acknowledge my mistakes and figure out a way to make things right has helped me in my business and as a mom. My kids are proud of me. It has actually helped me be a better mom and wife.”

Greene also has developed a real since of gratitude for her “village”. She has support through friends and family and an understanding of what real friends are. She has a sense of gratefulness for women that support each other and challenge each other at the same time.

“You find yourself gravitating to people that can accept your flaws and give you grace when you are late to a birthday party or soccer practice. It’s ok to let some things go and not beat yourself up over the small stuff. If a pandemic doesn’t remind you to be grateful for your family, friends, and career I don’t know what would. This pandemic has affected our entire country on some level. For me and my business it has been interesting. I am finding my clients wanting to collaborate with me on a deeper level.”

The pandemic has taken its toll on many small businesses, but luckily for Greene, her business is thriving. With many professionals working remotely from home, the market for redesigning spaces is on the rise. People are deciding now is the time to make their space what they have always wanted it to be.

“They have specific ideas for their spaces after living and working out of their homes for an extended period of time. It has been so much fun coming up with design concepts that are both aesthetically appealing and functional for work. I have had the privilege of helping create family work spaces and have seen family units grow closer. It’s incredible to watch how design can make peoples’ lives function more efficiently.”

“We live in a community where there are a lot of really talented designers and artists. I am inspired by so many different designers through social media outlets like Instagram. However, I love to work with local people and support other small businesses. One of my design crushes is Scarlett James from The Mix Interiors. Our daughters went to preschool together and I remember watching her come and go from pickups and admiring her work ethic as she was studying to become a designer. Scarlett has certainly proven her God given talents.”

One of Greene’s signature design elements is art. It personalizes a home and should make the home owner feel good whenever they see it.

“I mentioned art earlier. I am a huge fan of original art. I believe everyone should have a piece of framed original art work in their homes. It could be one of your children’s kindergarten creations or something from a local gallery or art show.”

One of Greene’s favorite artists is Julie Maples of Julie Maples Art.

“Julie is as kind as she is beautiful. Her talents run deep. One of my favorite things to do is collaborate with Julie on projects. I love bringing her on site so she can get a hands-on feel for the design concepts I am trying to create. We talk through color, texture, scale, framing, etc. She is a true talent.”

Laura does not have a lot of down time between her career and raising five active kids. She is a perfectionist yet she is down to earth. She approaches life with great enthusiasm whether she is rooting on one of her daughters at a TSC or Brentwood High soccer game or cheering on one of her son’s in football or lacrosse. She is funny. She is humble and kind. And her life experiences make her better at her career.

She has real passion for creating spaces that are centered around the client’s needs and what feels right and is functional for them. It takes someone that has some real life experience to do that.

“When I am not working I love to go to art crawls and galleries with my mom. I love to go for long walks with my girlfriends. Experiencing new and old restaurants is one of my favorite past times. My most favorite thing to do though- at the end of a long day- is cuddle up on our oversized sofa with my family- my people.”

You can reach Laura Greene Interiors at 615-354-7711 or

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