I am a firm believer that the bedroom should be a place created that is uniquely yours and reflects your journey, whether you share this space or not.  Your bedroom should be relaxing and should be designed with sleep in mind.  Call me crazy, but the older I get the more I appreciate a good night’s sleep.  I will spend the majority of my budget on an incredible mattress and luxurious sleeping pillows.  I am happy to save money on the décor and accessories so that comfort can be the priority.  

When I start designing a client’s bedroom, the first thing I try to nail down is defining their style.  With all the buzz words out today it is important to make sure everyone is on the same page visually and has input in the final outcome.  

The next consideration is how each person will use the space.  Don’t worry about each side matching, they just need to coordinate and be balanced.  My husband is tall so his dresser is higher so it’s easier for him to reach.  I love to read in bed and a good light next to the bed is a priority for me.  Making sure it complements the height of the headboard is important but where some clients make a mistake is not taking into consideration where the bottom of the lamp shade is in relation to where your head is when you are leaning back to read and how easy it is to turn on and off from that position.  No one wants the bulb shining in their eyes or to have to get out of bed to turn off the lamp.  

Your nightstand needs are a personal preference but it should never be cluttered.  I use the top drawer of mine to contain the messy things like medication, hand lotion, readers, phone chargers and of course my favorite champagne gummy bears. If you don’t have a drawer, a basket or other decorative container can be a solution.

I decorate with meaningful things throughout my home and the bedroom is no exception.  I have my great-grandmother’s incense burner on mine and my husband has his grandfather’s candlestick holder on his.  I also love having fresh flowers by my bed, it’s a splurge but it makes me happy.  

When it comes to bedding, my advice is to keep it simple.  I use a duvet with a Belgian linen cover that is light weight and feels good against my skin.  I don’t have a ton of decorative pillows because I want to be able to make the bed quickly.  Pillows can be used to add pattern or texture and a punch of personality.  I like to mix up fabrics and rarely use matching sets and always keep an eye out for high quality sheets on sale.  

A master bedroom should be romantic.  It doesn’t mean that the kids can’t pile in the bed on occasion but making it an adult only space is giving you a place to recharge and connect.  This is where you display your favorite pictures of the two of you.  Leave the children’s pictures for the rest of the house, trust me it will be fine!  Have a date night where you grab a bottle of wine (or in my case champagne) and watch a movie that isn’t animated. Date night doesn’t have to be a big production.

Making the bedroom functional is key but making it enjoyable is a must.  

Kelly Spalding serves as Entertaining Editor for SEM.  She also is the owner of Kelly Spalding Designs, a home décor, entertaining and gift shop located at 915 Columbia Avenue in downtown Franklin. 


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