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New in Town: Three Dog Bakery

NEW IN TOWN Three Dog Bakery By Vicki Stout Your best friend has a new best friend:  Three Dog Bakery, a delightful boutique bakery serving up fresh baked all natural pastries, birthday cakes, treats and holistic pet foods. Perched on the sidewalk next to Whole Foods in Cool Springs, this is the be-all end-all for [...]

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The Business: Glow Medspa

THE BUSINESS Glow Medspa By Vicki Stout   It’s very name, Glow, conjures up images of flickering candles, the blush of a new bride, a magnificent sunset and a huge harvest moon.  Now add to that list, a luxurious new medspa in downtown Franklin. Glow, Franklin’s Boutique Medspa is located on Second Avenue. The aptly [...]

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Southern Styled Gentleman

SOUTHERN STYLED GENTLEMAN Scarf It Up By J.T. Thompson Wait for it … Wait for it … Wait for it … Can you feel it? That brief hint of cool air that hits your face and lets you know that summer is giving way to autumn. The months that end in B-E-R, are some of [...]

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Southern Entertaining

SOUTHERN ENTERTAINING Cocktails & Mason Jars   By Kelly Spalding   Like that old Barbara Mandrell song, “I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool,” we drank out of mason jars way before it became a trend.  Growing up in rural Kentucky I thought everyone had a huge garden and had to spend summers helping to [...]

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Restaurant Spotlight: The Honeysuckle

THE RESTAURANT The Honeysuckle   By Vicki Stout You had me at “honeysuckle.” The mere mention of that rambling vine with its sweet aromatic yellow blooms that indeed taste of honey, transports me back to being a kid. I remember walking to school on a street flanked by thick growths of that sweet scent.  It [...]

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Quintessentially Southern

QUINTESSENTIALLY SOUTHERN Food for Thought   By Boothe Blanton Farley My family has played a little game around the dinner table for many years that we like to call Three Questions.  It was my dad’s ‘invention,’ although, to be fair, I’m sure the concept is not a new one.  Basically, someone (usually the host or [...]

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Neighborhood: Local Products

IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD Local products take center stage By Polly Bibb Douse   Williamson County is brimming with talented food connoisseurs from beef jerky to specialty spices to cured hams to hot sauces and everything in between to hit the local and national market.  We had the incredible opportunity to e-interview local neighborhood legends leading [...]